Case Study
M Potvin Excavation
M Potvin Excavation
40 employees
Civil Construction


These are the business obstacles that led M Potvin Excavation to evaluate and ultimately chose the Civalgo Platform to optimize the efficiency of their field operations.They solved the following hurdles with Civalgo:

  • Work dispatch done manually
  • Overwhelming data manipulation to predict project cost
  • Multiple systems to assess work progress
  • Multiple, complex manipulations to generate payroll
  • Bad communication link between the Management and theField
  • Lack of mobile system for operational field data collection
  • Project planning and estimation based on unstructured human experience

Use Case

Civalgo key features and functionalities used by M Potvin Excavation:

  • Paperless work dispatch toolbox
  • Pre-populated daily logs for Field Foremen including labor, equipment, subs, material and interactive commentary
  • Custom made work structure and app flexibility
  • Automated cost and performance tracking
  • Field data analysis in real time
  • Digital document sharing
  • Efficient communication link between the Office and the Field
  • Multiple capacities of collaboration between all users(comment threads, text messages)


M Potvin Excavation achieved the following results with Civalgo:

  • Augmented work efficiency on job sites
  • Enterprise growth without supplementary resource input
  • Reduction of dataand document manipulation and distortion
  • Superior platform and adoptionusability compare to existing competitors
  • Manage all operations aspects underone single unified productivity environment
  • Automated learningand performance log
  • Rapid setup process, under 2 weeks

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