Case Study
Uniroc Construction
Uniroc Construction
200 employees
Civil Construction


These are the business obstacles that led Uniroc Construction to evaluate and ultimately chose the Civalgo Platform to optimize the efficiency of their field operations. They solved the following hurdles with Civalgo:

  • Work dispatch done manually
  • Challenges related to long-term planning and work dispatch within disintegrated systems
  • Multiple systems to assess work progress
  • Manual compilation of data used to generate payroll disbursements
  • Need to print and distribute documents across job sites  
  • Lack of mobile interface to collect field data
  • Manual process to track performance

Use Case

Civalgo key features and functionalities used by Uniroc Construction

  • Work dispatch tools that match methods used in the field
  • Pre-populated daily logs for Field Foremen including labor, equipment, subs, material and interactive commentary
  • Custom made work structure and app flexibility
  • Automated cost and performance tracking
  • Field data analysis in real time
  • Efficient communication bridge between the Office and the Field
  • Multiple capacities of collaboration between all users (comment threads, text messages)
  • Ability to tie-in (API connectivity) to any major accounting system on the market


Uniroc Construction achieved the following results with Civalgo:

  • Effort reduction and lower dispatch manipulation
  • Frictionless communication between the Office and the Field
  • Project progress monitoring in real time
  • Superior platform usability and adoption compare to existing competitors
  • Manage all operations aspects under one single unified productivity environment
  • Automated learning and performance log
  • Rapid setup process, under 2 weeks

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