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Uniroc Construction Boosts Productivity and Profitability with Civalgo
Uniroc Construction
100 employees
Civil Construction

Uniroc Construction Boosts Productivity and Profitability with Civalgo

How Uniroc streamlined their operations, reduced inefficiencies and boosted productivity with Civalgo’s award-winning cloud based construction software.


  • Streamline labour and equipment dispatch
  • Consolidate different systems into a single, unified environment
  • Improve communication between the office and the field
  • Easily track and monitor field progress and daily costs
  • Simplify construction payroll

Uniroc profile

Uniroc Construction, part of the Uniroc Group, operates in the Laurentians, Lanaudiere, Outaouais, Laval, and Montreal regions. Uniroc manages and executes paving, cement concrete sidewalks and curbs, and civil engineering projects for government, municipal works, industrial and commercial contracts.

Operating in the region since 1907, Uniroc has completed more than 1500 projects; employs 250 people; and has paved over 2000 kilometres of roads in Quebec.

Uniroc Construction, a civil construction firm with headquarters in Mirabel, QC, found that using different systems to manage different aspects of their operations was causing a disconnect between their teams and, consequently, a bottleneck in their efficiency-driven operations.


Uniroc knew they wanted customizable cloud based construction software that was easy-to-use, quick to set up, and built specifically for the construction industry. Civalgo, an emerging leader in the ConTech marketplace, had the technology, personnel, and operational systems they needed to meet their operational needs.

An all-in-one solution, Civalgo cloud based construction management software eliminates the need to use disparate systems for different aspects of your operations. With Civalgo, you get construction document management software; construction time tracking software; construction payroll software; construction management scheduling software; and site safety management software all rolled into one unified productivity environment.

After booking a demo and trying it free for 14 days, Uniroc chose Civalgo to resolve key pain points and improve overall organizational efficiency.

"It saves me a lot of time. By opening just one platform, I can convey information across the entire team."
- Jolain Cartier, Uniroc's VP of Operations.

Why Civalgo

Built for the field by the people who know it

Construction is complex, and nobody anticipates the needs of the industry better than those who have seen it at its worst. Uniroc wanted cloud based construction software developed and finely tuned for the construction sector. Civalgo, the brain child of civil construction entrepreneurs, was born in the field and grounded in 10 years of field experience.

User-friendly and intuitive

Uniroc wanted a solution that even their most tech-averse PMs and contractors would buy in to. Industry-wide, only 8 percent of construction firms are consistently using their digital technology to its full potential, usually because it’s too hard to use or they don’t know how. Civalgo has a simple, easy-to-use interface that can be integrated with any SaaS application or service.

Puts your data to work

With its robust analytics and unparalleled global view of your operations, Civalgo cloud based construction software makes it easy to plan for the short and the long-term. With Civalgo, you can track progress and productivity in real-time, then use the information you collected from completed projects to make better estimates, leveraging your historical data to increase productivity and profitability.

Trusted by industry leaders

Construction firms and SMEs across Canada and the U.S. are using Civalgo to improve transparency and collaboration across teams, take control of their operations, and leverage their data to guide and support business decisions. Meet the industry leaders we work with.

"With Civalgo, we were able to tap into the power of real-time performance tracking to make better job estimates, and streamline our operations."
— Jolain Cartier, Vice President of Operations, Uniroc Construction


One-click dispatch

No more juggling emails, calls, and texts to notify different work crews of where they need to be and when. Civalgo’s dispatch feature allows dispatchers to dispatch equipment and notify work crews in one click directly from the dashboard.

Better accessibility

Civalgo’s centralized system makes it easy to share and access project information such as drawings and specifications from anywhere, quickly, thus simplifying construction document management and slashing hours spent chasing information; on unnecessary trips between the office and the field; verifying document versions; or waiting on emails and callbacks.

Better communication

Civalgo’s cloud based construction software makes it easy for the office and the field to communicate, share information, and collaborate. Project managers are quickly alerted to any urgent site issues, allowing them to respond quickly to prevent delays, errors, and costly rework.

Real-time project visibility

Field management and real-time analytics features make it easy to track field progress, materials used and labour hours for each task in real-time, monitor daily costs and compare against cost projections, make better estimates based on historical data, and get 360-degree project visibility.

Automatic construction payroll

With Civalgo, field data capture functionality automates collection, coding according to union rules, and calculating hours worked, overtime, deductions, and more. Our cloud based construction software can also integrate with any accounting software on the market, so Uniroc can simply export their payroll reports to their existing payroll processing system.

An Eye to the Future

Construction may have lagged behind in terms of digital adoption compared to other industries, but it’s more than making up for it now. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been in hyperdrive.

Today, more construction companies are embracing digital technologies like cloud based construction software to tackle inefficiencies, streamline workflows, and protect their workers and profit margins. This widespread adoption of digital technologies among construction companies of all sizes, and indeed across the whole supply chain, will make digital capabilities a basic requirement for SMEs to operate in the industry.

Thankfully, with new investment funding from the federal government’s Innovation, Science and Economic Development program, more SMEs will be able to access the necessary strategic and technical support they need to ensure a successful digital transformation.

Civalgo is helping them do it. Find out how.

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