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‘Data at work’ perfectly encapsulates what we are trying to accomplish.

This is the absolute core of our belief: “decisions in the construction industry should be guided and supported by data”.

We put your data to work - Civalgo Construction Management Software

Our Story

The idea for Civalgo was planted during the 10 years in which Alexandre Champoux (former owner) and Gabriel Croteau (former Lead Estimator & Project Manager) had a civil construction company called Alliance Roadworks.At the time, they were struggling to put out large-scale projects and find solutions for improving productivity and profitability on major contracts. The traditional solutions made them dependent on the accountant and his top-down systems, giving them an update on the financial situation of the project 30 days later, making it virtually impossible to react on time. They realized that the accountant's diagnosis of the financial health of the project should and could be simplified.

This lack of responsiveness was eating into their margins, wasting time and hurting overall operations. That was until Samuel Croteau (Gabriel's brother and former developer in a major tech company) joined Alexandre and Gabriel to found Civalgo in 2017 and revolutionize the construction industry. A fourth partner, Daniel Mikolajczyk, a civil engineer and serial entrepreneur, joined the company in 2020 to propel Civalgo across borders and spread the revolution to the world.

Our Mission

Civalgo’s mission is simple: to be the key with which construction companies can unlock their full potential in terms of profitability, productivity and efficiency of their operations.

The construction industry has long had a bad reputation for low productivity, low margins, constantly being over budget, and not on time.

Through Civalgo, we seek to change that and make this into one of the most respected professions, evoking pride in those who practice it. We want to create a platform where industry players feel confident that all details are being handled by safe hands, monitored by the eyes of a trusted network, leading to the best possible strategies and, as a result, the best possible outcomes.

Civalgo Leadership

Extensive experiences in Construction, Entrepreneurship, Software Development and digital transformation.

Headshot of Alexandre Champoux, Civalgo's Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Alexandre Champoux


Alexandre had been the owner of Alliance Pavage, a company specializing in asphalt paving, sidewalks and curbs for commercial, institutional, civil and residential projects since 2009.

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Headshot of Daniel Mikolajczyk, Civil Engineer and Managing Partner at Civalgo.

Daniel Mikolajczyk

Managing Partner

Daniel has been a serial entrepreneur for as long as he can remember. Since graduating as a Civil Engineer, he's been involved in various industries: Starting with a tech startup geared towards healthcare

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Headshot of Gabriel Croteau, Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Civalgo.

Gabriel Croteau


Gabriel worked as an estimator & project manager at Alliance Pavage alongside Alexandre Champoux for 4 years. Descending from a long line of contractors in the field of construction...

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Headshot of Daniel Mikolajczyk, Civil Engineer and Managing Partner at Civalgo.

Samuel Croteau


Ambitious and cultivated, Samuel strives to have a positive impact on society. His thirst for knowledge pushes him to constantly enrich his skills in a variety of fields. He is constantly on the lookout...

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