Our Story - We make software to empower the construction industry

Civalgo is a Montreal-based company specialized in the optimization of operational processes in the construction industry.

Our Mission

Civalgo's mission is to help the Civil Construction Industry raise the bar – day after day – in terms of profitability, productivity and efficiency of its operations.

By allowing foremen, superintendents, project managers, engineers, and executives to focus primarily on the quality and timeliness of their work, we empower teams – in the office and the field  – to better plan, execute and meet the expectations of their clients. We help our user base increase their competitiveness on the market, and thus their chances of securing better projects and earning better margins. On a larger scale, Civalgo positively affects the performance and quality requirements of the construction market by making it more productive through automation, data connectivity, Edge Computing, IoT and AI.

Civalgo aims to gradually boost the overall image of the industry, and contribute to improve its damaged reputation in the eyes of citizens—a public perception currently stained by low productivity, and operations that too often go over budget.

Core Purpose

Construction industry Primary Project Goal:

The primary goal of a construction project management team is to complete projects as specified according to planning’s schedule, within budget, in order to achieve the best quality level required by contract.

The Core purpose of Civalgo is to help the construction industry complete projects as per schedule, within the budget and by collecting necessary data to provide better future estimates. Civalgo is all about managing the performance of projects based on cost control, schedule and quality of execution. Ultimately providing teams with an enhanced collaboration platform to ensure proper communication between the Office and the Field.

Core Values

We believe in fostering meaningful connections.
Civalgo’s core values are about creating long lasting relationships with our customers, embedded through relentless quality and timeliness of execution to support our construction industry users.

We believe dreams are built from passion.
Civalgo’s expertise in the construction industry mixed with highly motivated and passionate people seeking constantly better efficiency in the construction operations.

We believe supporting local entrepreneurs is a big part of creating strong communities.
All of this aligned with the best in class customer service which raises the bar for leveraging digital optimization among construction companies.