Data Visualization

Our platform embedded analytics provides better insights into your project progress and corporate environnement.
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Civalgo's real-time automated project insights provides you one of a kind solution corporate BI & Analytics platform to let you build and automate your own corporate and project data.

Collective Intelligence

Get smarter with corporate wide BI.

Better Reporting

Standardized and powerful operations reporting.

Unified Environment

Complete data analytics platform.

Insightful Analytics

Civalgo helps you standardise your data model across multiple projects that enables deep intelligence data insights either within Civalgo or when using your Corporate BI data sources. This enables insights from either a project or multiple project or company level.

Standardised Dashboards & Reports

Completely dynamic dashboards and reports that are built through Civalgo standardised data. Project metrics can be dissected and drilled into based on end user specific requirements.

Corporate Systems

Utilize Civalgo as a data source within your company specific Business Intelligence strategy in order to build your own customised Business Intelligence Reporting by leveraging Civalgo’s data models.

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