Field Execution

With our industry-leading features optimized for the construction industry, daily planning, weekly or 3-weeks planning for Labor, Materials, Equipment, Inventory, Civalgo provides organizations unparalleled and integrated project planning capacities. By combining time and quantities in real-time, we are able to provide productivity analysis that will help your teams improve the way they work.
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Manage daily team plans, executions and capture necessary information from the field automatically or manually to deliver real-time data for just-in-time decision making.

Track Quantities

Integrated Project Planning Production Analysis & Quantities Execution.

Capture Data

Automate data capture. IoT or Manual enabled equipment & labor time collection.

Digitize Paperwork

Digital Forms & Document Management. Real-Time Plan Collaborations.

Document Management

Photo Management
Enables a disciplined approach to project photos. Once taken, they are linked immediately to activities, events or tasks, creating traceability and searchability for the project's lifetime. This turns photos into readily-usable assets for reports and other key project documents. Also capture and share more detailed information by adding customized tags to your photos.

PDF Fillable Forms Management for Safety, Quality, Environment or any other Paper-based Process
Provides a standardized common data environment for all daily records that are otherwise difficult or take time to get from paper format. Even when in comparison to other point solutions on the market, the benefit here comes from our integrated data model which provides rapid access to project specific information & activities.

Plan Collaborations in Real-time

  • Annotate, Measure, Compare Plans, Sketches, Version History
  • Attach Photos, Inspections, Safety, Quality, Environment Issues
  • Attach RFI forms and so forth
  • Punch lists

And many more features coming soon!

Daily Costs & Quantities 

Claim daily quantities executed in terms of Labor, Materials, Equipment, Inventory per Activity.

Automated Text to Speech

No need any more for a foreman to spend countless hours at the end of his shift to fill in his daily reports. Text to speech provides foremen with the capacity to easily complete his Daily Diaries and also get contributions from his workers directly into his Daily Reports.

Integrated Project Inventory

Track your inventory from project to project and from organization to organization.

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