Payroll & Automations

Civalgo provides a flexible way for contractors not to double manipulate information but rather with the ability to enter the data of workers' time once in the field and not worry about them anymore—knowing the system will take care of the specific rules. No need for pay masters to go through multiple spreadsheets and manual keypunch of time cards or multiple systems to analyze the workers hours to get them paid.
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Civalgo takes the worry away from the long labor intensive task of analysing weekly labor hours and lets the contractor focus on what they do best: build.

Save Time

Field hours work analysis.

Simple Automation

Flexible union rules engine.

Exportable & Connectable

Weekly approval environment to payroll, ERP or accounting systems.

Approval Timesheet View

Civalgo gives the end user a complete view of weekly employee hours with direct references and links to where and how those hours were executed in the field.

Union Rules Engine

Based on project specific union project agreements or specific province agreements with rate specifics, premiums and conditions Civalgo is able to adapt to any type of union based environment or non-union labor conditions.

Exporting & Integrating

Civalgo provides a flexible mechanism to either export analyzed weekly hours to a payroll system or integrate to a payroll, ERP or accounting system.

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