Construction projects are commonly managed by a selected few, sharing only small extracts with the rest of the teams. Our Operational Management Platform provides maximum project visibility to your entire team, from Planning to Project Controls.
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Connected & smart schedules dramatically enhances operational efficiency, reducing field execution risks and breaking down unproductive silos between field and office stakeholders.

Short-Term Dispatch

Deploy & Schedule activities directly to field workforces.

Real-Time Schedule Progress

Collect real-time field updates from project teams and break down organizational silos.

Resource-Loaded Schedule

Provides rich standardized data models across projects enabling deep business intelligence and valuable performance insights.

Connected Schedules

Connect long-term and short-term construction schedules to work orders or daily logs. Civalgo provides you with the ability to fully resource load your long-term schedule and then at the same time provide the ability to create your daily, weekly, 3-week schedule and push it to planning/dispatch/schedule for field execution with a click of a button.

Real-Time Progress Tracking

Follow progress of your short-term and long-term plans in real-time. In Civalgo, every information collected or worked from the field is visible and can be acted upon immediately, therefore minimizing risk and impact to the job.

Plan the Plan

Real-Time Work Planning with Labor, Materials, Equipment, Inventory, Dynamic PDF Forms all through automated and pre-filled daily logs.

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