Project Controls

Civalgo project controls encompasses all the data gathering, data management and analytical processes needed to understand and constructively influence the time and cost outcomes of a project or program—through automation of collaboration & communication of information in formats that assist effective management and decision-making.
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Operationally connected project controls at your fingertips.

Better Performance

Real-time performance management.

Better Progress Tracking

Real-time project progress & schedule.

Better Site Records

Real-time site records & all resources management.

Earned Value Performance Management

Projects rely most of the time on each discipline or project manager to provide and running their own manual earned value and job progress & performance calculations in isolated spreadsheets.

This siloed approach leads to inconsistent data which makes project weekly or monthly reporting time-consuming and prone to errors. Civalgo provides the necessary mechanics and processes behind the scenes in a standardised approach to get earned value, job progress and performance management which integrates with Civalgo planning and cost management system to provide maximum benefits to our end customers. It gives teams a common data and capture environment to collect rich data on labor, materials, equipment, inventory, site records and so forth.

Progress & Production Quantities Tracking

With competing demands on most projects, tracking progress at various levels—from teams to disciplines to areas to whole projects—is a common challenge.

This is compounded when a project has no central daily record of activities against a broader program. Civalgo enables the daily tracking of progress across a wide range of inputs and metrics, linked to a project’s activities. Through dashboards and reports, leaders gain quick visibility to support efficient and effective decision-making.

Schedule & Progress

Civalgo operational construction platform directly integrates projects schedule and progress and provides the entire project teams full transparency – drastically improving and increasing information sources to harness the power of collaboration and improve schedule performance, instead of outdated schedules sitting in someone’s project office.

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