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How it Works - Civalgo Construction Management Software

Save 40% on your Operating Costs

Manual data entry, siloed communication, and lack of responsiveness is costing you more than you know. Here’s how we’ll help you improve productivity, increase profitability, and deliver more large-scale projects, on time and on budget.

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Streamline planning and scheduling

Planning and scheduling can be a nightmare for contractors. Disconnected communication between project planners and the field can create problems and delays that can quickly eat into your margins. Civalgo’s cloud-based construction management software allows you to build and communicate your plan from anywhere.

 With Civalgo, you can plan for the short and long term, communicate across teams, schedule and dispatch labour and equipment, and respond instantly to setbacks that waste time and money — all in one place. Finally, construction management scheduling software focused on the field!

Civalgo Cloud Based Construction Software dashboard project view.
Short term planning organized by projects
Short term planning organized by teams
Filter the short-term planning page

Track productivity in real-time

Getting and sending quality information from the field can be a major challenge, which makes it hard to keep track of what was completed and what was missed on a site. With Civalgo Construction Management Software, foremen and construction workers can fill out and transmit daily logs, construction timesheets, site safety information, and other documents using a phone or tablet, making it easy for project managers to track progress and productivity in real-time.

Using the voice transcription and image upload functions also makes it easy to update stakeholders of any situation in the field. Our construction time tracking software also lets you track labour hours and equipment usage by activity, material consumption, and cost data, so you can keep putting your data to work long after you wrap up a project.

Civalgo dashboard showing real-time communication between construction project managers and contractors functionality.
Real-time communication
Civalgo Construction Project Management Software dashboard displaying photo upload functionality.
Add photos of the day
Employee timesheets
Civalgo software showing equipment and material tracking functionality.
Equipment and material tracking

Automate payroll

Collecting and categorizing construction timesheets according to pay rules or union rules is tedious and time-consuming — and time is money. With Civalgo, accountants and payroll managers can use information from the field to automate payroll, and customized reports allow you to seamlessly export to your payroll processing system.

 Our construction payroll software relieves you of the burden of collecting, classifying and processing payroll information, which has allowed many of our clients to decrease payroll efforts by more than 60 percent!

Civalgo dashboard displaying construction employee time tracking functionality.
Create work-shifts
Generate payroll

Need help choosing the right plan ?

With Civalgo, you’re in the driver’s seat. Deliver more projects, more profitably, with our all-in-one cloud-based construction management software.

Features you love without complicated tech

User Friendly

Easy to use interface that allows your teams to collaborate seamlessly and more efficiently.

Unified Environment

Consolidates all the tools you need under a single, unified productivity environment.

Built for Operations

Tap into an unparalleled global view of your operations.


Integrate Civalgo with any SaaS application or service using Zapier or a custom webhook.

Trusted by industry leaders

Meet the construction industry leaders who use Civalgo Construction Management Software to improve transparency and collaboration across teams, take control of their operations, and leverage their data to increase productivity and profitability.
Exel Contracting
Headshot of Jolain Cartier, VP Operations at Uniroc Construction.
“With Civalgo, we were able to tap into the power of real-time performance tracking to make better job estimates, and streamline our operations. Civalgo is going to save time by having one platform that I need to open to convey information across the entire team.”
Jolain Cartier
VP Operations
Uniroc Construction
Demix Construction logo.
“A new project manager recently joined the company and she was very impressed with how clear and precise her project overview is. The day-to-day, real-time tracking is also a positive for project tracking. Payroll preparation is much faster and foremen are taking less time filling out daily reports with Civalgo.”
Demix Construction
Forage CBF Drilling & Foundation Solutions logo.
“Reporting for both productivity and payroll has become much more efficient since the information is centralized in one place. There is much less time wasted on looking for information, the project managers can now spend more time analyzing productivity reports.”
Forage CBF
Excavation ESM logo.
“The process of information transfer has been greatly optimized for both Project Managers and foremen, they both get what they require immediately. The need to wait for paper documents to be transferred to the office has been eliminated. In addition, by using the platform our foremen can just take pictures of progress of work without them being lost in unnecessary documents. Before Civalgo our project managers had a lot of difficulty calculating project costs, with Civalgo it’s very easy and simple to get this information.”

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