Civalgo showcases Canadian construction tech ecosystem at Builtworlds

October 15, 2020
| Originally Published

We feel really honored to have been asked to present at this week's Venture Analyst Call: Insights from Global (Contech) Startups, a great continuation to the high-level discussions on the same topic held during Builtworlds Digital Global Summit 2020.

Speaking on this occasion, Civalgo's VP of Strategy Boris Germanov took the stage to provide regional industry insights and share perspectives around our current Canadian fundraising environment and construction tech space. Boris was also invited to comment our local industry’s receptiveness to construction technology adoption.

Usage of construction technologies and appetite towards investment in this sector vary widely across the world. That's why this panel was such a tremendous opportunity to showcase strengths and potential improvements of our current regional ecosystem.

Civalgo was also honored to share the stage with the talented non-US centric contech entrepreneurs from Tenderd (Arjun Mohan / United Arab Emirats) and Buildots (Aviv Leibovici / Israel).

BONUS: We are sharing here some of the hot questions covered by the panel...

  1. Any insights into the startup ecosystem in each of your regions? Who are the major players? Any recent success stories?
  2. What is the industry landscape like? Who are the leading players and are they open to working with new technologies and pilot programs?
  3. Does the government play an active role in encouraging technology adoption or fostering growth of startups?
  4. How does your company fit into the tech landscape in each of your respective regions? 
  5. Between both your own companies, and other startups in the region, is there an eye towards exploration of foreign markets?
  6. Any other significant notes of interest that are worth mentioning about each of the respective regions you operate in?

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