What's the implementation process and how long is it likely to take to get Civalgo running?
A thorough 2-week onboarding process is included with your purchase of the Civalgo Platform. In order to implement our SAAS and train your team, we start of with a technical audit to validate data migration capacities, and define an optimal work structure (WBS) that will be used to track and report cost and performance across your projets in real-time, and historically. Multiple training sessions will be organize downstream of this phase to introduce Civalgo best practices to the stakeholders (foremen, project owners and managers, accounting staff, subcontractors) that will collaborating together within Civalgo's productivity platform.
Can you integrate with our existing digital and accounting tools?
Our platform can integrate seamlessly via web API with the most popular ERP, accounting, project management and estimation systems on the market. Our team can also co-develop custom integrations with our clients to help them streamline their business processes, eliminate waste and bottlenecks, automate manual processes, and add new capabilities that will make your teams more productive.
Are you a project management platform on steroids?
First of all, winners don't use drugs. Civalgo is a bottom up approach to project management that links schedule to daily logs to provide an optimal team workflow, and real time performance insights and past cost data. We are the next generation of operational management in the construction space and we deliver enhance productivity and collaboration on your job sites. Our revolution is design-first, data-driven and paperless, we allow you to learn from every execution, tap into the power of AI to make better job estimates, and deliver results on-budget and on-time without killing your margins.
Where do you store my precious data?
Civalgo data is kept preciously in Google Cloud Platform, the most robust and reliable cloud service available today on the market. Google uses several layers of encryption to protect customer data at rest in Google Cloud Platform products. These data encryption keys are stored with the data, encrypted with ("wrapped" by) key encryption keys that are exclusively stored and used inside Google's central Key Management Service. In other words, intruders shall not pass, your "precious" is safe with us.
What kind of support does Civalgo provide?
At Civalgo, we believe in fostering meaningful connections and spare no resources to provide best in class support and assistance to all of our clients. We offer fast email, telephone, chat support, and personalized training to help the companies that have rewarded us with their trust get the most out of our productivity platform. Community support is also available through our online knowledge center. We deeply value long lasting relationships with our customers, embedded through relentless quality and timeliness of execution.
How can I purchase your Operational Project Management Platform for my construction company?
The price of our SAAS product will vary depending on the number of users, complexity of your projects, and scale of technical resources it will consume. Book a demo here to get a quote from our sales team.
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