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Here at Civalgo, we’re pretty clear about what our strengths and weaknesses are. The Operational Management space is on the rise, and here’s how we outshine the competition.

No need to download or install beforehand

• A very competitive price
• Need for minimal training, do not need a long implementation cycle like the competition  
• A platform that centralizes all the data necessary for managing and implementing projects

Immediate implementation time

• On demand analytics easily exportable to Excel or connected third-party platforms
• Visible and easy to access data
• An intelligent tool that allows estimates to be made based on actual data derived from past costs and usage history

Simple, efficient, beautifully designed

• Automation of planning and control of resources
• Foreman/Superintendent daily logs
• Daily planning and dispatch
• Integrates time sheet directly into Foreman's daily report

Comparison between traditional product management for the office and operational project management built for the field.

“With Civalgo, we were able to tap into the power of real-time performance tracking to make better job estimates, and streamline our operations.”
Jolain Cartier
VP Operations
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