Digital Transformation Services

Civalgo provides consulting services in the Engineering & Construction Industry for private entities and government organizations to improve internal operations and create greater efficiencies. Our solutions leverage the power of automation to allow integrated systems to speak to one another, improve employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Construction project manager and contractor on a work site reviewing documents on a tablet.

Business Diagnostics

In order to build the ideal trajectory of your digital transformation, we formalize a precise inventory of your company with regard to your main issues. This diagnosis is a first major lighting for your decision making, it allows to determine the lines of thought to initiate to build your strategy.

Digital Strategy

We work closely with our clients to identify and exploit every opportunity to streamline their business processes, eliminate waste and bottlenecks, automate manual processes, and add new capabilities that make employees lives easier and more productive.  Our experts will probe and challenge, until the key factors that impact your business efficiencies are addressed, and with clear metrics to measure project success and payback.

Process Optimisation

Consulting Digitization and innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) reveal great opportunities and major challenges at the same time. Stakeholders in construction and engineering need a strong partner on their side to face these challenges. Civalgo offers strategic consulting based on over 30 years of combined industry experience. Our strategic consulting services accompany the digital transformation of the construction and engineering sector by developing strategies, and concepts for a successful digital transition, BIM implementation, strategic collaboration and information management.

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