Civalgo advances vision to provide end-to-end process management to civil contractors

February 19, 2020
| Originally Published

Civalgo latests platform updates, an upcoming releases, are key strategic assets for advancing our vision to provide an unmatched productivity platform that puts the power of end-to-end process management into the hands of construction contractors.

As a general contractor or specialized contractor-self performing you work, aren’t you tired of having to deal with multiple systems, datasets and vendors to manage your operations?

Are you in a position where, even with all of those new gadgets and purchased systems, you still do not see an actual efficiency and productivity gains for your organization?

Well, maybe it’s time for you to explore a better way to manage your operations and run your construction business.

We believe that through real time performance tracking, standardized productivity data, and visibility over past costs and execution times construction businesses can produce better results, work estimates, achieve growth and drive margins that can be predicted and effectively managed.

Civalgo bottom up approach
Civalgo bottom-up approach

Civalgo offers operational project management capacities that brings a novel bottom-up approach to the civil works and infrastructure market. It allows self-performing and general contractors to run their businesses inside an operational driven management environment that focus on work breakdown structure (WBS) data captured on the jobsite, real-time performance tracking of connected teams on the field, and advanced productivity analytics to control cost and manage allocated project resources (labor, equipment, materials).

Give Civalgo the opportunity to help you with your struggles and to truly realize the benefits of an end-to-end process management framework to run your operations.

With us there is no need to waste time and precious resources trying to make multiple systems work together, all you need is only one platform to control all of your operations, including assets and activities such as:

  • Scheduling/dispatch for short term planning (daily, weekly and 3-weeks)
  • WBS standardized cost structure for estimating
  • Daily costs with daily quantity claiming and daily objectives setting
  • Daily logs for labor, equipment, materials, subs and subs of subs
  • Real-time analytics with your custom BI modeling in a similar fashion as PowerBI, Looker or Tableau
  • Forms and document management    
  • PDF viewer with annotations, measurements and takeoffs features  
  • Native viewer with PDFs, CAD, DGN, RVT and all office files
  • Photo management for materials or merchandise receiving on site such as packing slips, tickets and so forth
  • Inspections, job site videos and photos tracking
  • Stay tuned and follow us on Linkedin for more announcements coming your way this year related to our platform roadmap!

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